Burdick, Richard: Duet for two Hand horns , Opus 50

Richard Burdick's Opus 50
Duet for two Hand horns

Written in 1988, revised several time, with the last being May 20th 2007

Opus 50:
May, 19th 2007
I recorded the original version of my opus 50 Duet for two hand horns (horn in E and G#)
I set out to revise it.

May 20th 2007
Revised the duet, the three page score is now 5 pages.

May 22nd
I had time to record half of the new version of the duet.

June 2007
The duet has been recorded, It's about 4 & a half minutes long. I am thinking about a CD of modern work natural horn, therefore, I will not release the whole recording, but here is the ending of the work:

opus 50 last page

   Naturalhorn duet,
    opus 50 ending