Richard Burdick, natural horn on CD

buy both CD18 & 19 and get the special CD19A of Dauprat's trios opus 26
with much influence by Beethoven! -- going chromatic on natural horns;
it's excellentRichard Burdick's CD19a   

   I Ching-CD19A

This disk is the best ever naturalhorn ensemble CD!

Only available if you buy all three CD's

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Richard Burdick's CD19-CD19 Grand music for horns
Richard Burdick, natural performs
Dauprat Grand Sextet's opus 10 and Grand trios, opus 4


Richard Burdick's CD18--CD10 Far out Classical music for Horns
Louis-François Dauprat’s Opus 13 volume two AND
the Grand trio opus 26!
Richard Burdick, natural horn Performs


Richard Burdick's CD16-CD16 Howlers Revised 2006
Richard Burdick, natural performs
Dauprat Duets, opus 14 & some Mozart

Richard Burdick's CD14-CD14 Six Quartets & Six Trios for Natural Horns
in Different keys, Opus 8
Louis-François Dauprat’s (1781-1868)
Richard Burdick, natural horn

Richard Burdick's CD9-CD 9 Louis-Francois Dauprat
Duos for Natural Horns, Opus 13, volume 1
Richard Burdick & Beverly Wilcox: natural horns

Richard Burdick's CD3
-CD3  H o w l e r s,

Richard Burdick, Natural Horn

Performs  Louis-François Dauprat’s

20 Duos for Natural Horns in Different Keys, opus 14
Just $10

Richard Burdick's with his old Kruspe Richard Burdick's old Kruspe vavlectomy with F & Eb crooks.
Recorded quickly as a demonstration of the instrument.

Duet for F natural horn and Eb natural horn

A remix of the same as above with different panning and mastering