Sheet music from Richard Burdick (I Ching Music)
for natural horn in small ensembles

A method for Natural horn with progressive etudes and some duets is in the works.
If you are interested, sign up for the newsletter, let us know you would be interested in the book . The more that people ask the sooner it will get finished.


Burdick, Richard: Duet for two Hand horns , Opus 50



Burdick, Richard: Grace & harmony for natural horn, ‘cello and piano, opus 131

Burdick, Richard: Great & Small
for Natural horn, Bassoon and Harpsichord, Opus 104
Burdick, Richard: The Star for Violin, Oboe, Natural Horn and Harpsichord, Opus 98 (1996) Burdick, Richard: Opus 93
Sextet for two natural horns and string
quartet winter 1995-6
Burdick, Richard: Opus 51 Quartet in Bb for hand horns written at Lowell Greer's request Burdick, Richard: Variations on a fragment by beethoven for flute, 3 NH's & Bassoon (2007)