Modern Compositions for natural horn(s)

I am working on a list of works for natural horn
written in the 20th or 21st Century .

If you have written music for natural horns,
please write with description of the composition

If you know of works for the Natural horn please let me know

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Orval, Francis. Schule für Naturhorn , Method de cor naturel, Method for natural horn. Ed. David W. Reift. Reift: Switzerland, 199?.

Solo horn:
Baumann, Hermann: Elegia für Naturhorn
Snedeker, Jeffrey: Two solo Etudes for NH
Snedeker, Jeffrey: Goodbye to a Friend

Duets (two horns):
Burdick, Richard: Duet for two Hand horns , Opus 50
Lamb, David: "Flourishes" 5 duets for NH’s in various keys

Duets (mixed):
Faust, Randall: Dances for natural horn and percussion. (Duet?)

Duets(horn & piano):
Agrell, Jeff: September Elegy (Eb NH) (Jomar Press)
Collarafi: Sonata for natural horn. (Shawnee.)
Wiggins, Christopher. D.: Three Pieces for Hand Horn and piano. opus 818 (© 1990 Wiggins)

Agrell, Jeff: New Wine in Old Bottles (2 NH’s in various keys and percussion) (Jomar Press)
Burdick, Richard: Grace & harmony for natural horn, ‘cello and piano, opus 131
Burdick, Richard: Great & Small for Natural horn, Bassoon and Harpsichord, Opus 104

Burdick, Richard: The Star for Violin, Oboe, Natural Horn and Harpsichord, Opus 98 (1996)
Burdick, Richard: Opus 93 Sextet for two natural horns and string quartet winter 1995-6
Burdick, Richard: Opus 51 Quartet in Bb for hand horns written at Lowell Greer's request Patterson, Robert G.: Quartet (1992) 17:02 violin, viola, cello, NH (pub:

Burdick, Richard: Sonata for flute, 3 NH's & Bassoon, opus 147, which is based on a fragment by beethoven (2-2007)

Large ensembles:
Lamb, David: Four Songs based on poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins, scored for female choir, piano, and NH horn in D.

Collarafi, James: Concerto for natural horn. (Shawnee.)
Ligeti: "Hamburg" concerto for horn has NH's in the orchestra

Orchestra works:
Ravel, Maurice: Pavane for a dead princess